3D Pop Up

3D Paper Art

Card Size 19.5cm X 24.5cm.
Wow Factor Card!!!

Looking For A Card That Pops, Leaves You Mesmerised And Amazed By Its Intricacies Combining Both Paper And 100% Recycled Plastic Then This Is Exactly What You Have Been Searching For.

The Detail In Each Laser Cut Piece Which Is Then Fitted Together To Create A Beautiful Story Is Truely Amazing.

Write Your Message On A Gift Tag Which Hangs Neatly Around The Neck Of The Bottle And Post Flat In The Envelope Provided.

It Is Not Just A Greeting Card, It Is A Memorable Keepsake.

This Card Makes A Statement And Is A Gift In Itself.

Each Card Showcases Intricate Paper Engineering And Laser Cut Details.

Additional information

Weight 0.075 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 0.03 × 24 cm


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